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Calgary Auto Reseller

Remarket.ca is a leading provider of auto resales services in the Calgary area. We offer a range of auto seller services. Our buyers have access to weekly online auctions across Canada. Our national buyer database contains more than 3,000 registered dealers and companies ensuring your vehicles get the exposure needed to maximize returns. Consignors can track vehicles online, view digital condition reports, and watch auto resales auctions from any PC with an internet connection. As a trusted auto reseller, we offer guaranteed payouts within two business days, detailed bidder reports, and archived digital inspections.

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Canadian Remarketing Group

4116 - 50 AVE S.E
CALGARY, Alberta
T2B 2T7
tel: (403) 287-8421
fax: (403) 287-8431
General Email: info@remarket.ca

Current Sales

Through our national network of qualified vehicle inspectors and auto reseller experts, Remarket.ca offers customized remote or “off-site” sales for both regional (Calgary area) and national clients. This auto seller solution is ideal for companies with vehicles in remote locations or scattered at various locations throughout the country.

Calgary Auto Resales Programs

Our employee purchase programs eliminate the hassle and guesswork of managing auto resales within your company by allowing your employees to bid in a truly competitive environment. At your discretion, employees are given login and access codes to bid against our auto seller dealer database. This ensures you obtain fair market value while giving your employees the chance to purchase company vehicles.

With a loyal retail following, leading auto seller Remarket.ca can facilitate retail sales for select “retail ready” units. This program also works well for clients that own their own fleet and aren’t under the constraints of lease payments as the remarketing cycle is typically longer than going the auction route. This service is available exclusively in the Calgary area.

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