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Calgary Auto Reseller

Remarket.ca offers a number of fleet auction services in the Calgary area, one of which is inspections conducted by trained technicians using our proprietary handheld examination devices. Inspection is a crucial step in the remarketing cycle as accuracy and consistency will save you time and money while creating confident, repeat buyers. In addition, all our clients have the option to store vehicles for short or long-term periods. Rebate programs are available with volume. We also offer full, in-house, reconditioning services, including:

  • Full and partial detail
  • Decal removal
  • Mechanical inspection and repair
  • PDR and windshield replacement

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Canadian Remarketing Group
4116 - 50 AVE S.E
CALGARY, Alberta
T2B 2T7
tel: (403) 287-8421
fax: (403) 287-8431
General Email: info@remarket.ca

Current Sales

Fleet Auction Transportation

Our trusted relationships and volume discounts with reputable trucking and rail companies enable us to get you the best possible pricing on transport to and from used car auctions. We can also offer our clients full bailiff and seizure services in the Calgary area and throughout Alberta exclusively. This gives our bank and trustee clients a complete fleet auction solution under one roof. Seized vehicles are only moved once - reducing selling costs and ensuring maximum returns. From seizure, to inspection, to storage, to sale, liquidating your assets has never been easier.

Online Car Auction

We provide access to online car auctions in Calgary and across Canada each week. We maintain a buyer database of over 3,000 registered dealers and companies in order to ensure your vehicles get the high levels of exposure needed to maximize returns.

  • Online vehicle tracking
  • High quality, professional images
  • Detailed descriptions, condition reports, and inspections
  • Guaranteed payouts within two business days
  • Detailed bidder reports on all used car auctions

These online car auctions are the best way for financial services firms to dispose of their large volume of off-lease returns, for rental companies to sell off their aging fleets, and for car dealerships to liquidate trade-ins or other unwanted inventory.

For more information on our used car auctions, online care auctions, and fleet auction services, contact our Calgary office.

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