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Calgary Used Vehicle Auction Provider

Vehicle remarketing (used vehicle auction) is the controlled disposal of fleet and leasing vehicles (by physical or online vehicle auction) that have reached the end of their fixed term. When a lease expires, the lessee either returns the vehicle to the supplier or exercises the option to purchase it. Vehicles not purchased by the driver become an unwanted asset for the fleet or leasing company because of their depreciating value, so they look to trusted brokers like Remarket.ca to relinquish the stock on their behalf quickly and in high volumes.

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Canadian Remarketing Group
4116 - 50 AVE S.E
CALGARY, Alberta
T2B 2T7
tel: (403) 287-8421
fax: (403) 287-8431
General Email: info@remarket.ca

Current Sales

Key performance indicators for car auctions are the sale price achieved, usually in reference to a trade guide price (e.g. Black Book) and the number of days it takes to complete the used vehicle auction. During a live or online vehicle auction, the vehicles are typically sold to car dealerships or other companies looking for used vehicles. In a company fleet, vehicles nearing their end of lease may be made available for purchase to the current driver, and to other employees before being entered into a car auction.

Remarket.ca is a national network of independently owned and operated car auction facilities based in Calgary, AB. The Canadian Remarketing Group (CRG) is a leading used vehicle auction provider offering customized solutions (including online vehicle auctions) to a broad range of clients. We focus on building long-term partnerships with our clients in Calgary and across Canada by offering value added service that maximizes returns on vehicle resales while minimizing related costs.

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