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Calgary Vehicle Brokers

Remarket.ca is a national network of independently owned and operated vehicle resales facilities based in Calgary, AB. The Canadian Remarketing Group (CRG) is a leading vehicle reseller offering customized solutions to a broad range of clients. As trusted vehicle brokers for major banks, leasing companies, industry fleet managers, and rental companies, we maintain remarket industry best practices, work with proven technologies, and above all - get results!

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Canadian Remarketing Group

4116 - 50 AVE S.E
CALGARY, Alberta
T2B 2T7
tel: (403) 287-8421
fax: (403) 287-8431
General Email: info@remarket.ca

Current Sales

We focus on building long-term partnerships with our clients in Calgary and across Canada by offering value added service that maximizes returns on vehicle resales while minimizing related costs. We achieve this through our biggest asset - our people! Our team consists of industry veterans that can quickly identify your needs and determine the best possible outcomes. Our proprietary technology sets us apart from other vehicle resellers in Calgary and allows our clients complete control and transparency through the vehicle resales cycle. It adds further value to the process through reduced cycle times and accurate reporting, while providing a secure, user-friendly bidding environment.

Vehicle Reseller Services

Our vehicle reseller services in the Calgary market includes:

  • Online and remote vehicle resales
  • Employee purchase programs
  • Retail sales programs

Other seller services offered by Remarket.ca as vehicle brokers include:

  • Inspections
  • Marshalling
  • Reconditioning
  • Transportation
  • Bailiff services

For more information, contact our Calgary vehicle brokers office today.

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